Write a system of equations given the graph of the derivative

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Use Derivative to Find Quadratic Function

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However, systems can arise from \(n^{\text{th}}\) order linear differential equations as well. Before we get into this however, let’s write down a system and get some terminology out of the way. We are going to be looking at first order, linear systems of differential equations.

These terms mean the same thing that they have meant up to this point. Sep 21,  · Determining the quadratic equation given a vertex and a point - Duration: Writing the Equation of a Quadratic Function Given its Graph - Duration.

The first derivative of a function can be interpreted as the slope of a graph of that function.

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Where the original graph has a slope of zero (such as at the peaks of a sine wave) then the graph of the first derivative will intersect the x-axis. is the linear equation in two variables y = mx + b. The equation is called linear because its graph is a line. (In mathematics, the term line means straight line.) By letting x = 0, you obtain y = m(0) + b = b.

Substitute 0 for x.


Applying the power rule to the given equation, noting the constants in the first and second terms: Then check to see if the critical point is a maximum, minimum, or an inflection point by taking the second derivative, using the power rule once again. The equation of the tangent at x = 1 has slope 8 and passes through (1, 0) and its equation is given by: y = 8x - 8 The equation of the tangent at x = -2 has slope -4 and passes through (-2, ) and its equation is given by: y = - 4x - 14 c) Graphs of the quadratic function and all three tangent lines.

Figure 1.

Write a system of equations given the graph of the derivative
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