Trip to the museum

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Plan Your Field Trip

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My Trip to the Creation Museum

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A Trip to the Museum With Cartoonist John Porcellino

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This unique "field trip in a book" focuses on the exciting new Creation Museum just 7 miles west of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. The Sandwich Historical Society and Glass Museum is pleased to present the special exhibition, Her Place by the Sea, featuring works from the collection of local artist, Alice Lucy Ware Armstrong (), donated by her granddaughter Junardi Armstrong.

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Feb 12,  · PM. I’ve run into something meant to guilt trip Chinese tourists. PM. There was this music emanating out, and all these pictures of Chinese human rights abuses, right out in front of the museum. Nov 12,  · In fact, Friends get free (and as importantly unrestricted and unlimited access) to all the ticketed exhibitions, plus a 10% discount on all purchases within the Museum, whether in the shops or on food and drink.

And there is a lovely Friends-only cafe on two floors, overlooking the Great Court/5(K).

Trip to the museum
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