The life of general carl a spaatz and his role in the formation of the royal air force

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History of the United States Air Force

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Carl Spaatz

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He was an airpower visionary who the saw airplane dominating warfare and called for an air force independent of the United States Army. His outspoken views and criticism of superiors caused President Coolidge to personally order his court-martial.

General Carl A. Spaatz was the first chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.

History of the United States Air Force

The general was born inin Boyertown, Pa. Inhe was appointed to the U.S. Military Academy. He graduated June 12,and was commissioned a second lieutenant of Infantry. He served with the. General Arnold retired in Februaryand Spaatz was appointed commanding general of the Army Air Forces.

He immediately engaged in a new battle against the Army and Navy to establish the Air Force as a separate service, coequal with the Army and Navy under a secretary of defense.

Spaatz was promoted to the rank of major general in Januaryand was placed in command of the Eighth U.S.

Carl Andrew Spaatz

Army Air Force, operating out of England, in July of that year. The Eighth Air Force commenced bombing raids on targets in continental Europe the following month. Carl Andrew "Tooey" Spaatz (June 28, – July 14, ) was an American World War II general.

As commander of Strategic Air Forces in Europe inhe successfully pressed for the bombing of the enemy’s oil production facilities as a priority over other targets. He became Chief of Staff of the newly formed United States Air Force in More than a decade later, a conference on air leadership, sponsored by the Air Force Historical Foundation, considered as possible models for leadership the military careers of Gen.

Carl Spaatz and of Rear Adm. William A. Moffett, chief of the Navy’s Bureau of Aeronautics in the video-accident.coms: 8.

The life of general carl a spaatz and his role in the formation of the royal air force
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