The japanese model of the firm

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Oct 19,  · The Japanese Model Blogs as a Business Tool. October 19, ; Its first investor was the Japanese entrepreneur Joichi Ito, the founder of Neoteny, a venture capital firm based in Jason Pontin.

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Job Alerts: Be the first to hear about our opportunities. Get Connected GDPR Privacy Notice GDPR Candidate Privacy Notice. Find and save ideas about Japanese models on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Komatsu nana, Nana komatsu fashion and Nana online. The Japanese keiretsu took various preventive measures to avoid takeovers from foreign companies.

One of them was "interlocking" or "cross-holding" of shares. This method was established by Article of Commerce Law.


By doing so, each company held a stake in the other's company. The keiretsu model is fairly unique to Japan.

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The japanese model of the firm
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