The hopewell culture

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Hopewell Indian Culture

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Hopewell tradition

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Visible remnants of Hopewell culture are concentrated in the Scioto River valley near the present-day city of Chillicothe, Ohio. The most striking Hopewell sites contain earthworks in the form of circles, squares, and other geometric The Hopewell tradition also the the Hopewell culture describes the common aspects trading the Native American culture that flourished along rivers in the northeastern and midwestern United States from BCE to CEin the Middle Woodland  · A Hopewell cultured settlement was generally smaller in size and temporary -- peoples identified with the Hopewell culture instead resided in one area for a certain amount of time before relocating to discover fresher resources and advance trading The Mound Builders: The Poverty Point, Adena, Hopewell, and Mississippian Cultures Name.

The four known mound-building cultures of North America include the Poverty Point, Adena, Hopewell, and Mississippian cultures. Their names, usually taken from the place where relics of their societies were found, refer to a way of life and a cultural.

The beads were made by people of the Hopewell culture, which flourished in the US Midwest from BC to AD " spreading from its epicentre in Ohio to as far as Mississippi.

Beads made from meteorite reveal prehistoric culture's reach. Main Street, Hopewell,  · The Hopewell tradition is defined by a common set of burial practices among certain Native American groups: the burial of high status individuals in large,

The hopewell culture
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Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks - UNESCO World Heritage Centre