The guardian ad litem program as a representative of children in the state courts

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Legal Issues in Child Abuse and Neglect Cases

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1. If the child stops living with you, you are required to notify, in writing, any school, health care provider, or health care insurance provider to which you have given this power of attorney. THOMAS J. FELTS is the Judge of the Allen Circuit Court, having been first elected to that position in November, He previously served as Magistrate of the Allen Circuit Court Family Relations Division since October, He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a B.A.

degree in Government and International Affairs, received his J.D.

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degree in from the Indiana. Probate cases present a challenge to courts across the country. They require a high degree of oversight to protect and prevent mistreatment of protected individuals and their property. DuPage County IL Government Website with information about County Board officials, Elected Officials, 18th Judicial Circuit Court Information, Property Tax Information, and Departments for Community Services, Homeland Security, Public Works, Stormwater, DOT, Convalescent Center, Supervisor of Assessments, Human Resources.



Alabama State Bar. Al L.

Court Rules - Particular Civil Proceedings - Domestic Relations - 101 Through 114

Vreeland, Editor. Attorney at Law. Prior Editors and Contributors. Guardian Ad Litem. A guardian appointed by the court to represent the interests of Infants, the unborn, or incompetent persons in legal actions.

Guardians are adults who are legally responsible for protecting the well-being and interests of their ward, who is usually a minor.

The guardian ad litem program as a representative of children in the state courts
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