The flex in the flexible budget relates solely to variable costs do you agree explain

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"The flex in the flexible budget relates solely to variable costs." Do you agree?

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Explain. a. No. Fixed costs are also adjusted in the flexible budget to reflect varying levels of activity.

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Therefore flexible budgets are flexible with respect to both variable and fixed costs. b. Yes. Flexible budgets are flexible only with respect to variable costs. “The flex in the flexible budget relates solely to variable costs.” Do you agree?

Explain. “We want a flexible budget because costs are difficult to predict. If, after contacting the agency, you find the material is not available, please notify the Director of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration, Adelphi Road, College Park, MDor call Answer to Northwest Equipment offers a 3% discount to customers who pay cash at the time of sale and a 2% discount to customers who pay within the first 10 days of the mo.

“The flex in the flexible budget relates solely to variable costs.” Do you agree? Explain. Members. "The flex in the flexible budget relates solely to variable costs." Do you agree?

Explain. A. No. Flexible budgets are prepared for only one expected level of activity. By definition, fixed costs do not change with the level of activity, and therefore fixed costs are the only costs included in a flexible budget.

%(2). The flex in the flexible budget relates solely to variable costs." Do you agree? Explain. o No. Fixed costs are also adjusted in a flexible budget to reflect varying levels of activity.

The flex in the flexible budget relates solely to variable costs do you agree explain
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