The effect of atm on the

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Benefits & Risks of Using ATM Machines

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The Impact of the Automated Teller Machine

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Benefits & Risks of Using ATM Machines by Gail Sessoms The automatic teller machine, or ATM, is a modern convenience that seems to be on every street corner, in every retail store and attached to every bank building.


If you ask four different people who invented the Automated Teller Machine, or ATM, there is a good chance that you may receive four different answers.

Four or more individuals have actually claimed to have invented the ATM, including Don Wetzel, George SimJian, John Shepherd-Barron, and John D.

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Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is a cash dispenser that enables bank customers to enjoy banking services without coming in-contact with bank tellers (cashier).

ATM helps to perform the duties of the. Infact it has created additional jobs only - ATM installation and maintenance (though some of them are outsourced) and the entire NetBanking staff including the customer support and help.

They (ATM's and Netbanking) are just another way of serving their increased customer base. Effect Of Atm Machine In Banking Sector.

Technological Developments in Indian Banking Sector N. Mohan Babu, Asst. Professor, Vignan Degree and P.G. College, Palakaluru Road, Guntur – 5.

The Impact,Advantages of Using Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Nigeria Banking Industry

Abstract The origin of Banking in the modern era is traced in video-accident.comg is a business like any other business, banking sector place a significant. Therefore, ATM machines have a impact on social environmental.

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environmental impact (negative). When cars go to a drive through ATM machine, they have to wait inside their car until they are done which causes pollution.

The effect of atm on the
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