The bait john donne analysis the passionate shepherd to his love marlowe analysis

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The Bait Analysis

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The Passionate Shepherd to His Love

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Introduction & Overview of The Passionate Shepherd to His Love

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The Bait Analysis

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Marlow. To answer this question we must first acknowledge that “The Bait” was John Donne’s response to Christopher Marlowe’s poem “Passionate Shepherd to his Love.” Marlowe’s poem was written in ; Sir Walter Raleigh wrote a response “The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd,” ina wicked refute to Marlowe’s pastoral love poem.

This detailed literature summary also contains Bibliography on The Passionate Shepherd to His Love by Christopher Marlowe.


Christopher Marlowe's "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love" fits perfectly into the poetic genre of the period. Poets of the Elizabethan age used poetry as a way to express. Love, an extremely and unsurprisingly popular topic among writers in every time period and corner of the world, is the central subject of two similar, yet contradicting literary works – “The Passionate Shepard to His Love” by Christopher Marlowe and “The Bait” by John Donne, respectively.

The poem “The Bait” by John Donne is another reply to Marlowe’s “The Passionate Shepherd to his Love”. The poem is also an invitation to the loved woman to come and join the poet. However, the form of the poem is not that of a pastoral, but of a metaphor.

The Passionate Shepherd to His Love Analysis

“The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” is a love poem that contains six quatrains of rhyming couplets in iambic tetrameter. In marked contrast to Christopher Marlowe’s plays about heroes and.

The bait john donne analysis the passionate shepherd to his love marlowe analysis
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