Labour intensive industrialisation is the urgent need

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Labour shortages a threat to beef sector's growth plans

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Five new ways to promote African industrialisation

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Labour-Intensive Industrialisation Is the Urgent Need of the Hour

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What is urban manufacturing?

Job creation, especially in small- and medium-sized enterprises that are more labor-intensive and hire a relatively high share of low-skilled workers, is the best way to ensure a sustainable reduction in unemployment and inequality.

Industrialisation in the plastics sector has in the main been export oriented the study found. Industrial Policy Framework adopted in aimed at promoting labour intensive industries (Strauss, ). This point to the urgent need of building domestic industrial capacity and thus Import Substitution Industrialisation.

alisation and away from the more urgent priorities of agricultur- al productivity and the public services.' Labour-intensive industrialisation "Historically, labour-intensive industrialisation was the main need roads and telecommunications, and the roads will probably.

Labour-Intensive Industrialisation Is the Urgent Need of the Hour

The situation for processors is "urgent and critical", according to Cormac Healy of Meat Industry Ireland (MII). "Companies are facing critical shortages. It's a very labour-intensive industry, and when there's a shortage of labour it could undermine our ability to supply new markets and the growth of.

Labour-Intensive Industrialisation Is the Urgent Need of the Hour Despite the fact that Indian economy has been surging ahead and the GDP growth showing a steady rise over the years, the spectre of unemployment and imbalanced development among various regions still keeps staring us in the face.

Myanmar prioritises labour-intensive, agro-based industries for FDI May 16, by Thiha In an attempt to attract investments, Myanmar has prioritised labour-intensive industries, agro-based industries and other infrastructural projects, according to policies set by the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) and the Myanmar Investment Commission.

Labour intensive industrialisation is the urgent need
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