Democracy is the antithesis of sharia

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Sweden: Is Islam Compatible with Democracy?

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Islamic democracy

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Democracy and Sharia Law: mutually exclusive or mutually misunderstood?

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Sweden: Is Islam Compatible with Democracy?

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Is Sharia Law Compatible with Democracy?

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The following lists Other-majority countries and shows the scores after by two frequently hot indices:. For example, in the Constitutional Court of Turkey banned and dissolved Turkey's Refah Party on the grounds that "Democracy is the antithesis of Sharia", the latter of which Refah sought to introduce.

Sharia, Sharia law, or Islamic law (Arabic: For example, in the Constitutional Court of Turkey banned and dissolved Turkey's Refah Party on the grounds that "Democracy is the antithesis of Sharia", the latter of which Refah sought to introduce.

Number adds that democracy "is at war with Islam and its followers," effectively sanctioning violence for the cause of Sharia. Islamic law is based on the. Mar 14,  · Re: Democracy Is The Opposite Of Islam Mon Mar 12, am In the West, imams often say things like 'Muslims should obey the law of the country they live in'.

So if a Muslim finds him/herself living in a democracy, they should obey the laws of the democracy. Sweden: Is Islam Compatible with Democracy? Part I of a Series: The Islamization of Sweden The nature of sharia law is the antithesis of democracy and the rule of law.

And truly the two are. (FYI, I'm not going to discuss whether Sharia law and Democracy can be compared in the first place.) I am going to be the stereotypical Tunisian and jump right in and say that democracy wins. Firstly because in Tunisia at least, democracy.

Democracy and Sharia Law: mutually exclusive or mutually misunderstood? Democracy is the antithesis of sharia
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