A literary analysis of the quiet american by graham greenes

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The Quiet American

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The Quiet American Analysis

Dec 07,  · In Greene’s previous novels, geographic and social backgrounds have been used with great skill to make the foreground action more dramatic, but social or national issues have never been argued for their own sake. In The Quiet American the effect of circumstances is specifically ideological and political.

Everything that the British reporter. Now comes another version of "The Quiet American," this one directed by the Australian Phillip Noyce and truer to the Greene novel.

It is a film with a political point of view, but often its characters lose sight of that, in their fascination with each other and with the girl.

Given that, this week’s pick is another English classic novel, “The Quiet American” by Graham Green. Subtle, nuanced and riven with tension, this novel narrates a tale of idealism and politics — specifically, a uniquely American form of idealism.

The Quiet American, Alden Pyle, arrives in Vietnam full of the theories of an absurd pundit, York Harding, author of The Advance of Red China. The Englishman Fowler teases Pyle and derides his hope of building a third force between communism and French colonialism.

Henry Graham Greene OM CH (2 October - 3 April ) was an English novelist and author regarded by some as one of the great writers of the 20th century. Combining literary acclaim with widespread popularity, Greene acquired a reputation early.

Graham Greene's Vietnam novel The Quiet American () tells the story of a jaded English reporter, an idealistic American diplomat, and an inscrutable Vietnamese dancer who likes to go to the cinema.

A literary analysis of the quiet american by graham greenes
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